2017 Revaluation

The Valuation Office Agency is updating the Rateable Value of all business properties, this is known as revaluation. It is indicated that Rateable Values in England will increase on average by 9% as of April 2017 at the next Business Rates Revaluation. The South, in particular London, will generally incur these increases, where as other regions will benefit from decreases.

The official draft list of 2017 Rateable Values is now available to view at https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/view-my-valuation/search. Our team of business rates specialists can advise on all aspects of business rates. They can also support with additional appeal and relief opportunities to minimise your liability over the next five years.

For further information about the 2017 Revaluation and how this could impact on your business rates liability from 1st April 2017, call our team on 0845 548 5046 or you can email info@ngukassociates.co.uk.