Check Challenge Appeal

As part of the reformed system a new three stage system known as 'Check. Challenge. Appeal.' for the 2017 List.

The CCA system is intended to manage cases through the system in a structured and more transparent way, and each step must be completed in order prior to submitting an Appeal.

In order to begin the process, you will need a government gateway account. If you haven’t already got a government gateway account you can see our guide on how to register for one on our home page.


The Check stage sees the ratepayer or ratepayers’ agent needing to confirm the specifics of the property and the facts that the Valuation Office have relied on in reaching their rateable value. It is hoped that a majority of cases will be dealt with and agreed on at this stage. This stage requires the Valuation Office and the ratepayer or ratepayers’ agent to validate the facts, such as floor area.

The ratepayer cannot proceed to the Challenge stage until the Check has been completed – the intention being a property should not remain in Check stage for longer than 12 months. Although it is hoped that the vast majority of these cases be resolved within 3 months.


The Challenge stage must be instigated by the ratepayer or ratepayers’ agent within 4 months of the completion of the Check stage. A further 18 months is given to conclude the Challenge.

The ratepayer or ratepayers’ agent must prepare a case detailing why the valuation provided by the Valuation Office is inaccurate. It must include:

* The grounds for the Challenge

* Reasons to support the grounds for the Challenge

* Detailed evidence to support the alternative proposed valuation.

This stage will involve the more detailed discussions on the level of value and will consider the evidence being adopted.


Once the final notice from the Challenge has been received, the ratepayer or ratepayers’ agent will have a further 4 months to lodge an Appeal, although it is hoped that the majority of cases will be dealt with to all parties’ satisfaction during the Check and Challenge stages.